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Lynn’s most exciting artisans and creative business owners call Lydia Pinkham Labs' abundant and diverse spaces home. Established in 1886, the Lydia Pinkham Labs was once home to the production team behind Lydia Pinkham’s famous Vegetable Compound. Currently, with over one hundred studios to inspire you, this historic gem is the ultimate home for artists and craftsmen alike. Sculptors, glass blowers, leather workers, film editors and more call Pinkham both a haven and a creative hive. Explore our available spaces today and get inspired at Lydia Pinkham Labs, where collaboration and community is both encouraged and nurtured.

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Featured Tenant - Soul City Yoga

Soul City Yoga has the exciting distinction of being the first yoga studio in Lynn. Their doors opened officially on Oct. 17th but bright, bubbly owner, Shanel Anderson has been in the building since August cultivating the studio in to the beautiful space that has clients buzzing with good vibes. Eclectic music, twinkling lights, columned candles and aromatherapy are just some of the touches that make Soul City an escape in the city and an immediate hit. Newly certified, Anderson has been practicing and expanding her mind and body through the practice for six years. The studio hasn’t just caught the eye of the Lynn community; diverse classes, fun workshops and the welcoming space have drawn clients to Soul City from all over the North Shore. To Anderson Yoga is not just a basic amenity, but more importantly it represents freedom. “The deeper you get in to your practice the more you unlock that a lot of things that have been governing your life are illusions.” She adds the reward of recognizing progress no matter the size. “Maybe on Monday you couldn’t touch your toes, now it’s Friday and you’re halfway there.” Anderson adds that the beautiful thing about Yoga is exploring how it fits in with you and your personal lifestyle.

For more information on Soul City Yoga and to sign up for classes visit www.soulcityom.com Visit their IG and document your visit by following @soulcity_yoga And email info@soulcityom.com with any questions.

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