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About Lydia Pinkham

Lynn’s most exciting artisans and creative business owners call Lydia Pinkham Labs' abundant and diverse spaces home. Established in 1886, the Lydia Pinkham Labs was once home to the production team behind Lydia Pinkham’s famous Vegetable Compound. Currently, with over one hundred studios to inspire you, this historic gem is the ultimate home for artists and craftsmen alike. Sculptors, glass blowers, leather workers, film editors and more call Pinkham both a haven and a creative hive. Explore our available spaces today and get inspired at Lydia Pinkham Labs, where collaboration and community is both encouraged and nurtured.

Featured Tenant - Roulez Cycles

Jay Borden, owner of Roulez Cycles, rides a bike of his own design to Lynn from Boston every day. Formerly a serial software entrepreneur Borden discovered he preferred the tangible art and satisfaction of a physical result that bike building provides. He rode the desire right in to a custom work-shop outfitted with restored machines from the 1930’s and 50’s where he crafts road, touring, city and cross models welded by hand. All Roulez bikes are built from the ground up to meet the specific needs, desires and even measurements of the owner. You don’t have to be a bike aficionado to appreciate Borden’s work (although many customers are) the only requirement of a Roulez order is that you submit an accompanying playlist for Borden to listen to while he builds your bike. Borden, who always listens to music while he works believes that not unlike plants that flourish with a soundtrack, the music played during the weld infuses the bike with a certain energy. Every bike built is unique, just like the rider and if you want a bike that will be uniquely yours for the rest of your life Roulez is the way. For more information visit www.roulezcycles.com. For pictures of Jay’s process and workshop visit his Twitter and Instagram pages.

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