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About Lydia Pinkham

Lynn’s most exciting artisans and creative business owners call Lydia Pinkham Labs' abundant and diverse spaces home. Established in 1886, the Lydia Pinkham Labs was once home to the production team behind Lydia Pinkham’s famous Vegetable Compound. Currently, with over one hundred studios to inspire you, this historic gem is the ultimate home for artists and craftsmen alike. Sculptors, glass blowers, leather workers, film editors and more call Pinkham both a haven and a creative hive. Explore our available spaces today and get inspired at Lydia Pinkham Labs, where collaboration and community is both encouraged and nurtured.

Featured Tenant - Emporium Custom Leathers LLC

Jessica Caruso-Reynolds, leather worker and designer, initially studied costume design and production at Rowan University, near the location of New York’s famous Renaissance Faire. This proved kismet as Reynolds interned for Heidi Hooper, currently in Ripley’s believe it or not for her dryer lint art. Reynolds has spent eleven years as owner of Emporium, hand making fine goods for a myriad of purposes, both practical and imaginative. Her work is utilized at steampunk fairs, pop culture conventions, live action role play and perhaps most famously at New York Comic Con. Emporium calls Pinkham home where she and her partner hand-stitch beautiful and unique pieces. There are stock items for purchase at all times but custom is in their name and Reynolds has the gift to create long-lasting, and beautifully crafted pieces for whatever need or imagination dictates. Recently Emporium has partnered with Living Swell Boutique in Marblehead to create an exclusive line of designer handbags for their new collection. Visit their website for more information and ordering details.

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